What for?

Around 50% of students enrolled in an online course drop out halfway through, according to Jornal Folha. Keeping students committed to a content can be a hard task for any teacher/institution, but in online education, this is a much deeper problem. In online education, there's no direct way to understand if and how students are connecting with the class.

SealTech provides the feedback needed to understand better how students are engaged in your online content.

How does it work?

By using machine learning, we analyze your students' body language while they watch your class. With this, we create metrics of engagement, showing content construction problems and school dropout prediction and much more to come. SealTech will ensure your content is being taught the best way it can.


SealTech main responsibility is with the students and their security. We have a team working nonstop to guarantee their privacy. When the student enables the webcam, image and sound will never be stored in any server.